Wednesday, August 24, 2016

I'm off to see the queen

Yes I know the title might be misleading, No I am not off to see the queen. I unfortunately will not be meeting her majesty.
I am as sad as you are don't worry.
I just thought I'd make a little project for myself (dumb I know) by asking people I know to give me a name and then drawing a person from the name I'm given. Low key the names will probably just be coming from my younger brother :P

But yeah I figured it would be fun and I might get a kick out of it?

Idk idk well well can't you tell.

Also I might post chapters of a story I'm writing?
Idk idk.
What do you think?

I thought I might start posting poems but I remembered that I post poems on my tumblr...


yea go check me out on tumblr :)
I post some pictures of my daily life that I'm too lazy to upload on here.
Cause you see my computer is like a million years old and I can't connect my phone to it. The only way I can transfer pictures to my computer is by transferring them to another device and then onto my computer or the way I've been doing it is by just emailing them to myself. The problem with that is it takes forever because my computer is ssssooooooooo FUCKING SLOOOOOOOOOOOOWWWW.
so yea it's my life.

Yeah idk if you want too you can comment a name and I'll do a character for it?
Idk idk.

Yeaaah ok well I guess the song of the day is drive it like you stole it from the movie Sing street.
I recommend this movie, my parents watched it and then suggested I watch it and I truly enjoyed it.

There's also ->this<- version by Hudson Thames, I don't know which one the original is or if it's his song and it was featured in Sing street but I just thought I'd add it?

->Here<- is the trailer if you want to take a look 

Ok so I'll see you on the flip side

<3 Oneina <3

Monday, August 22, 2016

and they all fall down



Yesterday a made a few comics, idk I really liked how they turned out and so I figured I'd share them with yoooouuuuu guuuuuuuyyyyyys.

Oh I almost forgot that weather.
It's really, really FRESH at the moment. It's like cold, I need a winter coat and idk how I feel about it?


The first one is about a worm...
I think I'm gonna call it.

My Pet Worm.

The words say:

"When I was I child I loved worms.
Like the cute kind.
One time I tried to keep one as a pet...
But I left it on a leaf in the sun.
The worm shriveled up and died.
I think it's name was Frank."

The next one goes with a small poem I wrote.
I call it...

Paper Boy.

The words say:
"If you ever felt like drowning
I would cry you an ocean 
then I would fold myself into a boat
and we would sail away."

The thired and final comic thing I made was inspired by a few lines of text I would in the notes on my phone. It's just a bunch of descriptions of a girl? kind of?
Idk what I'm calling it but maybe I'll call it,

You may be right.

And the words say:

"A girl in a jean jacket
With a pair of high waisted jeans
Her hair is fluffy
Fooling around
Going in
and out of the subway
Smoking a cigaret
running away
sitting in a restaurant
popping a bottle of pills
Spending a whole night laying on her bed staring at the ceiling
eating breakfast
calling someone
on the phone"

Idk I like them :)))
I think they're cute?
this is kind of a new style of drawing for me, it's very loose.

Ok well song of the day is by the Foundations and it's called Build me up buttercup.

I'll see you on the flip side

<3 oneina <3

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Pink pebbles

Good morning.
The sun is out and it's hot but the wind is cool.
I'm making a bracelet out of embroidery floss. It's not quite like a friendship bracelet, I could never make them.

I went threw a faze a while ago where I didn't think I looked good in pictures. I couldn't take them. I hated the why I would look.
I'll be honest, I LIKE THE WAY I LOOK.
I do, I like my cheek bones and I like my eyes, when I was very young I didn't like my noes very much but I've come to love it.
Everyone is different but I think you should eventually come to like yourself.

For a while I thought I would just wear makeup but somehow when I wear makeup I don't feel like myself?
I don't mean like a little mascara or some lip colour I mean the whole bus and caboose. I feel like someone else and for everyday life I want to feel like me.
Also my face is always itchy and I would get makeup on everything thats not my face.... :(((

I'm not like some perfect amazingly photogenic person but why not be happy with myself?

I think a lot of times women (more generally then men) are criticized for taking "Selfies" and really any kind of pictures of themselves. Yes there are situation in which taking a killer picture of yourself maybe isn't appropriate but if you're looking fly why not snap a picture or a few?
Because DAMN GURL you look GOOD.

So idk I guess I'd just like to say go take that picture and don't be worried about other people or about how pretty you are compared to someone else.
I think my biggest problem was that I would think "well gosh I don't look as good as that person" or "what will 'THEY' think?".

I'm not that other person I'm ME and this is what I look like.
Don't tell anyone, this one is just between the two of us but... 
I'm looking good -_^

Ok song of the day is by John Newman and it's called Love me again.

 Ok yall Stay beautiful babes 

See you on the flip side

<3 oneina <3

Friday, August 19, 2016


Hey what's up.
I'm tired.
This week I was coaching at a camp. It's a gymnastics camp.
I have fun it's pretty normal.
None of the kids are bad, I wouldn't say. They're children.
I think their innocence is refreshing, even when they don't behave it's an unaware kind of miss behaving.

I made some picture things, Idk I like them ^_^

The words read as followed:

"I wished to make you hurt
to cause you pain
but my anger
and my hate
was it all mistaken?
was it misdirected?
was it sent off to a land that it had no business with?
Ahh yes my poor, poor mind
so sad and shriveled with time
why is it that?
we do not agree?
when we look in the mirror?
Why, it each other we see!"

I made the poem one day when I was mad and I liked the why the slightly moody pictures looked with the words on them.

Song of the day is "Desperado" by the wonderful Diana Krall.

Keep it fresh guys :)))))

See you one the flip side

<3 Oneina <3

Friday, May 06, 2016

Well whatever

I'm tired, uncomfortable, sick and slightly unhappy but I woke up today and thought, "you know what? this isn't so bad, it sucks but well whatever.", I got up out of bed and I did some push ups and had a very fun breakfast. I then went off and swam for two hour, did some dry land, I road the subway home with one of my friends and had a very nice chat about life and people.

So yea thats that,

and this is this.

This is a OOTD that I figured I would share today.
I really liked this outfit because it was really comfortable 

The pants used to be my moms but she didn't like them so she gave them to me :)

I bought the top at garage because I don't have a lot of plain tops.

I always wear my Vans :3 I kind of want to get another pair of everyday sneaker type shoes. I'm thinking maybe I'll get some Keds or a pair of Converse. 

The pictures were taken on the steps of this church that my brother and I pass by all the time.

Our shadows playing on the church steps.

We also went to a little corner store to get a few things my mother wanted 

 ☁ I really love this picture

I think the store itself is really cute and just altogether nicely laid out, also the mirrors that cover the walls are very convenient.

Yea so that's my outfit of the day :)

Song of the day is And I love you so but Don Mclean.

See you on the flip side

<3 Oneina <3

Tuesday, May 03, 2016

You ain't fam so what is this we shit?

I have a job.
I make money.
I don't spend that money.
I put it in the bank.
Well in a few years I'm gonna be be off at University and I'm gonna want money, Right?
Then hopefully I'll have money in the bank and I wont have to worry about a thang.

Well anyway something like that.
For the moment I don't have THAAAT much money to spend and to throw at strippers and the such is you know what I mean. I gotta make the best of the few bucks I have while perfecting my skills and becoming an amazingly talented human.

Recently I saw these cool things ☀


I obviously wanted them buuuuuut, again I'm not currently made of money.
SO what's a fine feathered friend such of myself supposed to do?

Yea you know it!
I gotta make it myself!

So firstly I did a little embroidering as a test run.

I saw this hat from Brandy (all the things were from Brandy)

And I thought yeah thats dope but idk if I can embroider that, cause I'm a beginner and well I don't want to get ahead of myself right!?

So then I saw this one and thought "hey yea! I can do this one for sureeee.".
I decided I would probably go with "WEST END" because I'm from the west end of toronto.
So I tried a test run just to fool around.

I like it.
It doesn't really look anything like the original but I still think it's cool.

Then I saw this sweater and I thought I could do better.
I sound cocky but the fact that the bottom of the sweater isn't hemmed makes me mad somehow.
I know it's like a style but it still peeves me out.

Then there were these socks.
I like the IDEA behind them.
I don't like confrontation and these socks are practically going out looking for confrontation soooo yea I thought I would put something like "Hello" on one and "goodbye" on the other or simply "hi", "bye".
I also though "yes, no" or "right, left".

I feel like socks are good because they're small and easy and there are so many words you could match together. 






or you could put to words together that make a statement?









ThE pOsSiBiLiTiEs aRe EnDlEsS! 

So I need to find a pair of socks, a sweater and a hat to embroider on but eh!

So I'll check back in with this project once I've made some REAL progress :3

I just really wanted to share this.

OK so song of he day is I mean it by G-Easy

See you on the flip side

<3 Oneina <3